Thursday, September 24, 2015

Task 5: Called Off Due to Wind!

Finally a bit of a break from the daily grind. We actually overslept because we were so exhausted, and had to scramble to split up our morning tasks to get to HQ on time. Kari had an extra harness and reserve for JK to use so he could continue to fly! Once on top, we went through the motions even though we knew it might get windy. The task committee optimistically called a nice downwind task of 80 some kilometers.

But by the time folks started to launch, it became obvious that the wind was already building. No one was getting up and most folks were blowing downwind pretty fast. They called off the task 20 minutes into the launch window, but a few brave souls thought it would be fun to demonstrate their high wind launch skills and flew out to check out the spicy conditions before landing. I was among them, and enjoyed a fun launch, some super sliced up thermals, and then an exciting high wind landing at the shady tree LZ for a nice spot to fold up.

JK and Thom and others didn't think it was worth the risk, so they packed up in the strong wind on top and caught a ride down. Tomorrow is forecast to be even windier, so we'll probably enjoy a full day off, and then we're hoping for one more nice task on Saturday. Cross your fingers!

But even if we don't get more flying days, the comp is already a valid comp with four solid tasks (three scored), and many of us have had personal bests and many unforgettable individual moments of free flying accomplishment above a landscape of stark and stunning beauty.


  1. Nice to have a break.
    A good soak in the hot spring is VERY highly recommended!

  2. Alex , When the last day cancelled in '08, Doug and I drag raced down to Marshall and enjoyed a late afternoon themally top landing session. Highly recommended. Except for the part where I ripped a hole in his rentals oil pan.