Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Task 2: Slow Start

Just a blog post from the bottom. Seeing as Alex is exhausted from his long flight yesterday, he left me to report from my perspective.

Flynn's is the launch of choice for this competition also known as Dirty Rotten Flynn's. On practice day I and several others got left on launch because the wind got too strong. On task one, I got a 28 minute flight to land at Flynn's LZ, then went up for a relaunch, but it was closed, due to helicopter rescue traffic. On task two, I at least doubled my airtime to 58 minutes, and landed just a bit further from launch, but still not breaking the start cylinder. My slow start is similar to that of Chelan, but carrying more weight like an O2 bottle is my excuse. Alex and JK have dubbed me the minuteman, due to my extreme airtime.

But Alex and Scotty killed it yesterday. Alex could smell goal, and Scotty was 10 miles ahead of him. I will let Alex comment later when he has the strength to tell his story yet one more time in ink. As Casey Kasem would say, Alex is in the top 40! JK is struggling after witnessing the crash off launch yesterday of one of our top US pilots. We want to reserve talking about this until it has been well analyzed. All we ask is for your thoughts for the pilot and for JK. Today is task three, and I gotta go load up my gear.

It's Time to Fly, dust off your Gear and Go!!!!!

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  1. I'm so impressed you guys are there and giving it a shot. I've long dreamt of flying the Owens, but my wing and skills these days are thinner than the air there. I'm going to live vicariously through you. Fly *your* flight. Call it as you see it. If it ain't feeling right, live today to fly another. Hop a ride to goal and watch the show. You guys are all champs in my eyes no matter how you get there (just please get there with your mortal coil intact!)