Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gearing Up

Thom and I are once again signed up for the US National Paragliding Championships. Not because we aspire to be any kind of champions, but just because we like flying with those guys! This year the event is in the Owens Valley, famous as one of the deepest valleys in the US and also for some of the strongest thermals in the world, with climbs potentially to 17,999 feet. We are following in the footsteps of several former brave simian astronauts from Oahu: Doug Hoffman, Quentin, Fireman Dave. Thom and I are now frantically trying to get our gear together in preparation for this space mission. We have both arranged to borrow oxygen systems, and we are scrambling to assemble cold weather outfits that will keep us from getting frostbitten at sub-freezing temperatures aloft. But mostly we are getting excited to fly in one of the world's premier and most beautiful flying destinations, alongside a gaggle of great pilots from around the world. Let's do this!


  1. Woo Hoo!!

    I look forward to reading about it!


  2. Yup, Doug Hoffman will be there as a technical director, JK is still trying to show up. Representing the Big Island will be Chris Langan and Scotty Gee.

    Alex and I will both be on Spots which you can track on XCFind.

    Looking forward to an ass kicking time.

    See you all after the 28th.

  3. I was thinking of you guys and I found this on Ebay-

    You might need it.
    Also, leave room in your camel back for ice expansion. Your camelbacks might freeze up, and god help you if your other hoses freeze LMAO

    Really wish I was going...


  4. Not more than I do Reaper. You have been at every comp I have ever done. You just might have to send us a voice text every now and then so I can play it in the air. If I dare let go that is. You will be missed.

    On another note Scotty Gee exceeded the height limits while getting acclimated at Owens.
    JK has now decided to launch into space and will be meeting us at the Owens. Anymore Monkeys? I heard there is 'Space'.

  5. Hooray, JK is signed up and on his way! What a great crew! So far we have three Oahu monkeys, two Big Island monkeys (Scotty and Christopher), and two Oahu expatriates (Doug Hoffman and Jeff Eggers).

  6. I was planning to be there with you, but life got in the way. You guys will have an epic time.

    Even if the days task is cancelled you can go midnight dune soaring in Death Valley, downhill mountain biking at Mammoth, rock climbing in the Gorge, or drinking and soaking in a hot spring.

    Fortunately it looks to be epic, and you guys will be skying out. I will be lurking here, so try to post up if you can.

  7. Heard from Thom, winds picked up pretty good on Launch and alot of people drove down after some good draggings.
    Alex flew, maybe Langan too. Sidehill and Scotty G opted for the less dramatic more skin route and headed for the Lager express via truck.
    Josh Cohn and some others launched Walt's are still going XC.
    Don't forget us Monkeys?

  8. Would love to be there, just to watch the "grandes cojones" monkeys fly there. It's in my backyard, after all. But my last couple flights there shrunk mine to the size of peas, so I'm happy to hang out in St. Hilaire. Good luck monkeys, fly safe, and remember that "scratching" is called "trolling for dust devils" in Owensese.