Sunday, September 20, 2015

Task 1: Any Day You Can Walk Away

By that measure it was a good day for all but one of the pilots. Today's conditions were similar to yesterday: high pressure and multiple inversions, but the valley wind didn't fire up quite as strong or as fast. So everyone got off okay, but it was a low save scratchfest for many people for quite a while. One pilot got low behind a finger and apparently went parachutal and crashed in a ravine below launch. After a while many pilots started getting up and away, and we aimed for the upwind turn point, but it was tough going. Thom scratched for 28 minutes (ha ha) and ended up in the bomb out LZ, and then ran back up to relaunch but it was closed because of the rescue. JK flew for 38 minutes and landed after thermaling right above the injured pilot. I got my highest yet here, 8,500 feet, and then pushed into the wind to fight my way down to the dirt a kilometer short of the upwind turn point. I had some good company down there. And I saw a coyote running below me down a dry creek bed just before I landed. Never seen one before. It was pretty cool. I heard about 15 pilots made goal. Those guys are amazing. But I also heard the day might be canceled because some people had to land during the rescue. More details as we get them. [Update: the day was indeed cancelled retroactively.]


  1. Make good choices boys...the Owens does not forgive.
    A long walk in the dirt is much better than a long dirt nap.
    Wish I could be there but my car blew up on my way back from Pine a couple of weekends ago :(

    1. Hehe poor Doug. Your car blew up after it ran itself into the ground chasing you at Pine. What was it 90 miles?

  2. Love Kari's comment about "Fly Smart"
    I guess the real trick is to get high and get out of the valley winds, then you have options.
    Brad G. from New castle Australia flew with broken lines and tangles to goal from a Cravat. Fun - )-:
    Can't wait to hear more